Forschung von Bernhard Abmayr

Research of Bernhard Abmayr

1) Simulation of the Growth of Spiral Lipid Crystals

These numerical simulations I developed as a young student at the institute E22 for biophysics (Prof. H. Möhwald) for the dissertation of W.M. Heckl in the years 1985 and 1986. Looking back in the year 2014, it appears a bit funny, that such a nice simulation program ran on one of the first home computers, a Commodore VC20 with a 1Mhz processor 6502 (8 bit) and just 20 kByte of RAM. The results had been published in:

A Narrow Window for Observation of Spiral Lipid Crystals

(Berichte der Bunsengesellschaft für physikalische Chemie Volume 90, Issue 12, pages 1159-1163, Dezember 1986)

Abstract The growth of spiral solid domains in monolayers of dimyristoylphosphatidic acid containing 1 mol% cholesterol is observed by fluorescence microscopy at the air/water interface. Spiral or lamellar domains are encountered only at high pH (11) where the large head group charge induces a chain tilt. Spiral width is drastically reduced with decreasing temperature, is uniform and can be varied reversibly.-The findings can be understood considering repulsive and anisotropically attractive electrostatic forces that increase with decreasing temperature and edge tension being reduced by incorporation of cholesterol. The shape of the spirals can be numerically calculated using a crude model containing only three adjustable parameters.

This paper you can get from Wiley .

Laterale Organisation von Lipidmonoschichten bei Einbau von amphiphilen Fremdstoffen und Proteinen

(Dissertation of Wolfgang M. Heckl at the Technische Universität München, 1988)

This is a searchable PDF scan of the pages 58 to 61 (containing my results) of this old dissertation: PDF

2) Cluster Physics

Measurement of Ion Mobility using 24mNa+

Experiments for my diploma thesis:

The experiments of my research year at the Tohoku University of Sendai / Japan had been published in:

Microcluster lattice systems

During my stay in Sendai I also helped to run the experiments for the following paper:

Structure and stability of microcluster lattice systems

(Materials Science and Engineering B-advanced Functional Solid-state Materials 01/1993; 19:44-47.)

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